QR Codes give your print ads a digital dimension and can take your business to the next level using state of the art capabilities. From lead generation to mobile coupons; QR codes will complete your marketing strategy.



QR Code Marketing

Imagine being able to provide your customers with valuable offers and info with a quick scan of their smart phone? We can get you there with QR Code Marketing.

What is QR Code?

QR code stands for “Quick Response”code; it’s a 2-dimensional barcode that can store web addresses. A QR Code can be placed on any type of visual media including but not limited to: signs, posters, flyers, coupons, menus, banners and business cards. They are used by holding up a smartphone camera and “scanning” the code.

The smartphone must be within a few inches and must be equipped with an app to scan the QR code. We program a QR code to send the scans to your mobile website, a special offer, or a sign-up page for lead generation. So by simply scanning the code using the smartphone’s camera, it provides a seamless connection from your printed ads to your digital marketing campaign.

It’s Dynamic!

Traditional QR codes are “static”, which means that the actual web address and information were hard-coded directly into the QR code image. So once the promotional material, like a flyer, was distributed there was no way to change the destination of the scan. If you want to change the destination, you have to change the QR code, and reprint/re-distristribute the flyers, which can cost thousands. Not anymore!

With our new, DYNAMIC QR code design we can change the destination of your QR code at any time! Even if your customer scans the QR code after the ad or coupon has expired, we direct the scan to your mobile website, a Customer Loyalty program or to your new campaign! This will effectively save you tons of money on print ads.

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Customize QR Code

Customize your QR Code

We will make your QR Code unique so you will stand out from the competition with some eye catching appeal! We will put your logo anywhere on your dynamic QR code and change the colours of your QR codes to match your branding.

Analytical Reports

In-Depth Analytics

We will tell you where your QR codes are being scanned on a map with GPS accuracy. We  will even give you the total scans for a specified period and include the landing pages and time spent on these pages by your visitors.


Dedicated Marketing Campaigns

Mobile Websites

Mobile Websites

We will create a campaign to drive traffic to your Mobile-Friendly website. We can add a Customer Loyalty rewards program landing page which will prompt customers to sign up. This will give you valuable leads and turn your visitors into loyal customers.

SmartPhone Apps

Smartphone Apps

We will create a campaign for your Smartphone App. Once the QR code is scanned the customer will be forwarded to the correct app store for their phone. You get to see the number of views each app received as a result of sending your customers to the app store via your QR Code.

Social Media

Social Media

We will harness the true power of social networking by integrating your QR code to drive traffic to your Social Media and measure engagement in real-time. With fun and engaging campaigns, your dynamic QR code will take your social networking efforts to the next level. 


With our Dynamic QR code technology, we have  the ability to create, manage and track multiple QR Codes for all of your print advertising.

Your customers will be able to simply  scan the QR Code to:

phone website email subscription

Make a Phone Call

Visit your Website

Subscribe on Email list

opt-in coupon contact

Opt-in for SMS offers

Claim Digital Coupons

Save your Contact Number

facebook twitter youtube

Like your Facebook Page

Follow on Twitter

Watch Youtube Video

Get Started Today

Our dynamic QR Codes are the easiest and most cost-effective way to stay on top of your print marketing campaigns and the current social trends.They seamlessly bridge the gap between print and digital, and they work on every smartphone. Dynamic QR Codes interact with your customers and will make your mobile marketing campaign that much more captivating.